Gaming Matrix

Gaming Matrix is my own compilation of javascript games. I started with Siegward, a game parodying Dark Souls 3. It was just for fun, and my first ever javascript game. Halfway through designing world 2, I realized a lot of elements in the game were unsatisfactory, and it would be a lot more work than it took to even make the game in the first place to fix them all, so I moved on to make another game. This game featured a stickman, which wasn't as complex as the Siegward sprite, but the animations were much more polished, same with the attacks. Seeing a clear difference, I decided to stop working on Siegward and work more on the new game, working on a boss, an NPC, and a storyline. I made a start menu, and more concept art for the protagonist. I hope to have this website entirely functional soon.

Use the button on the top left to open the menu.